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Professional graphic designer with over 25 years of experience in creating visually compelling and iconic designs across various mediums. Meticulous, perfectionist, and exceptionally skilled in creative conceptualization, typography, proportions, and balance, with a strong focus on design consistency to enhance brand recognition. Analytical and highly proficient in problem-solving. Expert in transitioning from pre-computer manual techniques to current desktop applications in the digital era. Stays current with design innovations and trends, infusing fresh ideas into projects.
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Senior Visual Designer
at Wholesale Fireworks Distributor

Enhanced the company's identity to a professional level within
the American fireworks industry.
Successfully created over 500 product labels, achieving strong brand recognition among fireworks consumer.
Developed iconic graphics, logos, web graphics, and led promotional photography, signage, and billboards.

Created magazine ads published in most important industry media. 
Designed tradeshow booths, conferences, and annual product demos, consistently surpassing sales records for eight consecutive years.

Designed and produced the company's annual product catalogs.

Design Project Manager
at Window Treatments Wholesale Distributor

Created the company identity, guaranteeing brand standards.
Executed design work and produced hundreds of assets that met defined quality standards in a timely manner.
Developed and increased brand visibility by implementing effective design, advertising and marketing plans.
Successfully organized conferences and events, as well as designed several booths (graphics + structures), achieving record annual earnings.


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