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Known for his minimalist and conceptual approach to design.
His work is characterized by strong use of typography, geometric shapes, aesthetic layouts, and bold colors. Extensive experience in visual and graphic design for both print and digital mediums. Specialized in simple yet impactful and aesthetic branding design for consumer and wholesale products, services, and company identity. Analytical, detail-oriented, and highly proficient in problem-solving. Proven ability to manage multiple projects. Consistently embracing the latest technological methods, including the leading industry software. Bilingual in Spanish at an advanced level. In a nutshell, a guy who works leveraging his versatility in a full-time capacity.

Rigorous in all creative phases, from planning and conceptualization
to execution.

Experienced with marketing project management.

Experienced in remote collaboration delivering solutions across different human  cultures for years.

Expertise in manipulating high-res files for print in CMYK, RGB, Pantone,
and low-res images formats for the web.

Comprehensive understanding of the pre-press file preparation for both
digital and traditional print processes.

Mastery of Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dimensions, AfterEffects, and Premier Pro.

Advanced proficiency in web design with no-code web design tools, building websites that feature intuitive user interfaces.

Solid knowledge of Apple iWork Suite -Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iCloud.
Also the macOS, and Apple's hardware and equipment support.

Advanced proficiency in Google Workspace, Canva, Dropbox, Slack, AI,
and Microsoft Office.

Strong communication skills, both verbal and written. Excellent grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, proofreading, and editing skills.

Bilingual, fluent in Spanish enhancing communication across diverse audiences.


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Blanco is best known for his work in the window covering industry including brand identity for Vertilux and many distributors across the Americas (JCPenney, Home Depot PR and Argentina) in the late 1990s and 2000s. His work has had a significant impact on the domestic fireworks industry over the past decade, thanks to his innovative, distinctive, and unconventional concepts and approaches to design for consumer brands such as SkyBacon, Tako, Realtree,
76 ProLine, and collaborations with Brothers Pyrotechnics.

Principal Visual Designer
Spirit of 76 in Columbia, Missouri

Established and sustained the company identity significantly increasing brand recognition in the U.S. fireworks industry.
Designed all wholesale print collateral, retail (stores and tents
) marketing and P.O.S. materials, and product label/packaging design for various brands. Created billboard design, social media images, and different web assets. Conceptualized memorable comic characters, logos and seals.
For more click here.

Graphic Designer / Marketing Project Manager
Vertilux in Miami, Florida

Developed a wide range of high-quality print design for many retail  marketing materials and ads for America's distributors.
Designed and organized conference and events, including booth graphics and structures. For more click here.

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